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Effective 1 March 2024, Tyrewise – the nationwide Tyre Stewardship scheme will come into effect in New Zealand. Click here to read more.

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Why get your puncture repaired by us?

Choosing a puncture repair from Advantage means benefiting from skilled technicians, a safety-first approach, cost-effective solutions, quick turnaround times, quality materials and equipment, and access to comprehensive tyre services. Trust in our expertise and commitment to customer satisfaction to deliver reliable and efficient tyre repairs.

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Repairs and Replacements

Sometimes a puncture can be fixed with a simple repair, and sometimes it may require a new tyre altogether. Our team of experts will assess your puncture and help figure out the right solution.

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Prevention is key

Proper inflation is a must when it comes to avoiding punctures. Head to your local Advantage store for a free tyre safety check, and we’ll ensure your tyres, including your spare, are in tip-top shape.

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How we fix your tyres

Once we confirm that your tyre can be safely repaired and the damage is in the allowable repair zone, we’ll mend the puncture with precision. Then, we’ll expertly refit and balance the tyre assembly before reuniting it with your vehicle. Trust us, we only follow the rules that ensure your safety and peace of mind.



We inspect the tyre to ensure that is is able to be safely repaired. 



If the tyre is salvageable, our experts will repair the damage.



We balanced to ensure it spins evenly and smoothly.



The tyre is fitted back onto your car and a final assessment is performed.

Not all punctures are avoidable

Whether it’s worn tread or overinflation, all tyres can fall victim. But fear not! Well-maintained tyres are less prone to punctures. And when punctures do occur, we’ve got your back. Liquid puncture sealants can serve as a temporary fix, allowing you to drive safely to our specialists. After a thorough inspection, our experts will determine if a repair or replacement is needed.

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Not all damage can be repaired

It’s crucial to remove the tyre from the wheel for a proper evaluation. Signs like visible or deformed bead wire, internal separation, deterioration from solvents or grease, creasing or mottling of the interior lining, circular wear on the sidewall, or rubber cracking due to age means it’s time to retire the tyre. Safety is our priority, so we only repair tyres that meet the highest standards.

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Advantage puncture repairs



Puncture Repair – ATV/Wheelbarrow

Found something sharp in your ATV or wheelbarrow tyre? Oops. Get it fixed at your local Advantage



Puncture Repair – Run Flat Tyre

Found something sharp in your Run Flat Tyre? Oops. Get it fixed at your local Advantage

Hand Pulling For Removing A Nail In The Tire,flat Tire Fixing And Repair The Tire Is Leaking From The Tack


Puncture Repair – 4WD/SUV

Found something sharp in your 4WD or SUV tyre? Oops. Get it fixed at your local Advantage



Puncture Repair – Car

Found something sharp in your car tyre? Oops. Get it fixed at your local Advantage

Frequently asked questions

How do punctures occur?

All tyres can get punctures and this is an unavoidable fact of motoring.

Worn or over-inflated tyres are more likely to suffer from punctures whereas tyres that are well-maintained and kept in good condition suffer from fewer punctures.

In many cases, punctures can be repaired safely within the tyre manufacturer’s recommendations and the regulations or standards concerning safe tyre repairs and methods. We only repair tyres that sit completely within these rules for your safety and peace of mind.

How do you repair a tyre?

In order to determine whether a tyre can be repaired safely, the tyre must be removed from the wheel and inspected thoroughly inside and out.

Once established that the tyre can be repaired and the damage is located in the allowed repair zone, we will mend the puncture and refit the tyre to the wheel and balance the whole assembly before refitting to the vehicle.

Some types or brands of tyres and damaged tyres cannot be repaired safely according to the manufacturer’s recommendations and should be disposed of if punctured or damaged.

Liquid Puncture sealants should only be used as a temporary repair solution in order to drive at a moderate speed, to a specialist. After a detailed inspection, the specialist will decide whether to repair or replace the damaged tyre.

Before repairing a tyre, a thorough inspection of the tyre must be carried out, since driving on an under-inflated tyre can cause irreversible damage and only a thorough check of the inside of the tyre can determine whether it can be repaired or not.

What type of damage cannot be repaired?

The tyre must be removed from the wheel in order to accurately assess its actual condition and the type of repair required.

Tyres presenting the following signs of damage cannot be repaired and MUST be taken out of service:

  • Visible or deformed bead wire
  • Heating and separation of internal plies or layers
  • Deterioration due to solvents, grease or corrosive particles
  • Creasing or mottling of the interior lining (inside rubber)
  • Circular wear on the sidewall due to contact between the rubber and the ground
  • Cracking of the rubber due to ageing of the tyre.

For us safety is non-negotiable so we will only repair tyres that can be used safely without risk.

How do I avoid punctures?

Safely steer clear of debris on the road where possible. Check your tyre tread doesn’t have embedded stones fragments, glass chunks, or other sharp objects. They can work their way in deeper to cause a puncture. Make sure your tyres are correctly inflated.
Don’t forget to check your spare tyre too.

Come into your local Advantage Tyres store and get a FREE 8 Point Health Check. We’ll make sure your tyres, including the spare, are in good condition.

What do I do if you have a flat tyre?

You can’t really predict a puncture, but you can be prepared when one strikes.

Stay calm, flick your hazard lights on and pull slowly to the side of the road. If possible, park your vehicle well clear of the road and passing traffic. You may be able to change the tyre yourself or you may want to phone a roadside assistance provider.

Drive carefully with your replacement tyre, particularly if it’s a smaller space-saver style tyre which is only designed for temporary use at no more than 80km/h.

Head to an Advantage Tyres store to get your damaged tyre assessed for repair. Ask them to double-check the wheel nuts on the replacement tyre if you have changed it yourself.

The Advantage Range of Services


8-Point Safety Check

From tyre pressure to oil and battery checks, our FREE 8-point Safety Check will make sure your vehicle is safe for Kiwi roads.

Headlight Restoration 3

Headlight Restoration

Faded or yellowing headlights are caused by the oxidisation of the surface of the outer cover. Let us restore your dull, yellowed headlights to like-new condition!


Pre-WOF Check

Got a WOF coming up? Not sure your vehicle is up to code? Head in to your local Advantage for a FREE pre-WOF check from our experts

Service Packaging 1

Service Packages

Experience top-notch service packages at Advantage. Visit us today and discover what we can do for your vehicle. Your satisfaction guaranteed

Tyre Servicing 1

Tyre Services

Advantage offers comprehensive tyre services for every vehicle. Trust that tyres are our expertise. From disposal to fitting and everything in between, our technicians are here for you.


Wheel Alignments

Essential for vehicle health: Wheel alignments and balancing. Optimise performance and prevent issues with proactive maintenance

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