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High-performance crossover tyre

If exceptional handling, wet and dry traction, and car like comfort are important features of your high performance SUV tyre, look no further than the Michelin 4×4 Diamaris. Its agressive yet refined appearance, advanced tread design, and V & W-speed ratings compliment todays premier SUVs.

4X4 DIAMARIS Features & Benefits

Drive longer and farther.
An 8.5mm tread depth and even pressure distribution throughout the footprint.

Grip wet or dry roads with confidence.
Wet weather tread compound combined with the aggressive water evacuation of wide circumferencial grooves and generously angled grooves.

Negotiate aggressive corners and high speeds with ease.
Massive, stable tread blocks and a gradually rounded shoulder profile.

Tyre Sizes Available For
Michelin 4X4 DIAMARIS