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Freedom to go further.

TredLife Technology featuring an innovative tread design and compound allows your tires to go further with extended mileage performance. The Assurance Duraplus 2 features a highly durable sidewall increases tire robustness to better resist sidewall impactsThe new tread pattern design and construction combine to minimize interior noise throughout tire life

ASSURANCE DURAPLUS 2 Features & Benefits

Innovative Tread Design And Cavity.
New symmetrical tread pattern designed with a wider cavity shape and narrower grooves, increases wearable rubber volume. This ensures a longer lasting tread life

Innovative Tread Design.
Symmetrical tread pattern design gives greater flexibility in tire rotation thereby improving tire lifespanI

Enhanced Cavity Shape.
The enhanced cavity shape enables a more squarish and balanced footprint to maintain a larger contact patch and reduces contact pressure. This leads to extended mileage performance.

Re-formulated Long Lasting Compound.
A re-formulated compound with high wear resistance to deliver longer lasting mileage performance

Tyre Sizes Available For