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Premium tyre technology.

The Goodyear Excellence tyre is made with a new polymer compound that helps it grip the road, even in the wettest of conditions. This feature delivers a shorter braking distance, so you can enjoy peace of mind when driving in the rain.

Excellence tyres are designed to distribute pressure evenly across their surface, which means more even wear in the long term and smoother handling, even at higher speeds on the motorway. Additional shoulder stabilisers also help improve performance while taking corners, so you can feel confident on every journey.

Enjoy a quiet, comfortable trip every time with a tread designed to reduce excess noise.

EXCELLENCE Features & Benefits

3 Zone Technology.
Combines security, control and comfort through 3 separate zones on the tread

Silica Tread Compound.
Superior braking, cornering and handling in wet and dry conditions

Asymmetric Tread Design.
Helps provide enhanced traction, superb cornering and a quiet ride

Tyre Sizes Available For