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90% On the road, 10% off the road

This on-road SUV tyre offers a high-level of riding performance. It provides exceptional fuel savings and has a long wear life, making it an environment-friendly tyre choice, too. The Grandtrek PT3 is the successor to the Grandtrek PT2 and provides further improvements to handling, grip and performance. The PT3 has been designed to deliver high speed stability, low noise, fuel efficiency and is perfect for the 4WD owner who enjoys a smooth and comfortable cruise along the highway.

GRANDTREK PT3 Features & Benefits

Enhanced silica-based tread compound.
Provides better braking and grip on both wet and dry roads, and also helps to reduce rolling resistance which can deliver better fuel efficiency

Four wide circumferential grooves.
Improved straight line handling and stability for increased comfort on the highway.

Varied pattern design.
to reduce noise for a quieter ride.

Tyre Sizes Available For