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A multi-purpose SUV tyre

The tyre was built with a Terrain Proof compound, which resembles the compound used in industrial tyres. These properties make the Michelin LATITUDE CROSS very abrasion resistant. Thanks to the even distribution of pressure across the tyre, the tread wears out slowly and steadily. The asymmetric tread design ensures good performance on both dry and wet surfaces. Wide grooves quickly channel water allowing fast tread drying, and resistance to aquaplaning.

LATITUDE CROSS Features & Benefits

The Traction of an All-Terrain Tyre Off Road.
The Mud Catcher tread pattern delivers more grip on any kind of surfaces, such as wet grass, dirt roads and mud.

Driving Comfort of an On Road Tyre.
The michelin Latitude Cross is quieter than the previous generation1 and as quiet as MICHELIN Latitude Tour HP2, designed for 90% on-road use.

Exceptional Mileage.
The Terrain-Proof tread compound is highly resistant to gravel abrasion to provide longer mileage in multi-purpose use and with loaded vehicles.

Tyre Sizes Available For