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Sport Truck Summer tire

The Latitude Sport is Michelin’s Street/Sport Truck Summer tire initially developed for Original Equipment (O.E.) use on some of the world’s most prestigious high performance crossover and sport utility vehicles (Audi Q7, Porsche Cayenne and VW Touareg). Latitude Sport tires share the asymmetric tread pattern and dual tread compounds of Michelin Pilot Sport PS2 Max Performance Summer tires for passenger cars. It features a hybrid silica/carbon black compound that begins at the tire’s outboard shoulder and continues across the tread to enhance dry traction where a high-silica compound continues to the tire’s inboard shoulder to enhance wet traction.

LATITUDE SPORT Features & Benefits

The Latitude® Sport tyre.
Chosen by some of the world’s most demanding vehicle manufacturers for its performance on SUVs and crossovers, including Porsche and Audi

Superior sport tyres.
The Michelin sport tyres use the same tread pattern and tread compounds found in our most extreme performance sport car tyre — the Pilot® Sport PS2™ tyre

FAZ Technolog.
To precisely place reinforcing filaments under the tread for a stable feel and crisp, confident handling at high speeds

Tyre Sizes Available For