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Electrified road control made to last

Make the most of your high-performance electric vehicle with an eco-designed tyre, engineered for control and confidence. Inspired by MICHELIN Formula E racing heritage, MICHELIN Pilot Sport EV delivers responsive cornering, even at high speed, with an excellent wet grip made to last. Reduced noise disturbance improves driving comfort, while innovative compounds ensure long-lasting treadwear without compromising driving fun.

High speed – In compliance with speed limits set forth in the highway code. 

Cornering stiffness – Cornering stiffness internal study conducted on the machine in 10/2020, on dimension 255/45 R19, comparing MICHELIN Pilot Sport 4 SUV (100%) versus MICHELIN Pilot Sport EV (115%)

Wet grip – MICHELIN Pilot Sport EV is rated “B” on the Wet Grip Item of the European labelling scale.

Wet grip when worn – New and Worn (worn means worn on the machine (buffed) to the depth of Tread Wear Indicator according to European regulation for Tread wear indicator ECE R30r03f), on

PILOT SPORT EV Features & Benefits

Experience the full potential of your high-performance electric vehicle.
Fit the MICHELIN Pilot Sport EV tyre, inspired by MICHELIN Formula E racing heritage, for confident handling even at high speed with 15% more cornering stiffness. ElectricGrip Compound ensures a long-lasting wet grip. Drive your high-performance electric vehicle to its full potential, without compromising safety.

Combining environmental benefits and driving fun.
Support the environment with the MICHELIN Pilot Sport EV high performance tyre. MaxTouch Construction maximizes road contact to evenly distribute forces of acceleration, braking and cornering, delivering long tread life.

Enjoyable driving for longer trips.
Drive your high-performance electric vehicle without worrying about the distance. MICHELIN Pilot Sport EV boasts a 60km additional range, featuring GreenPower Compound, which provides high efficiency on the shoulders, and a thinner top belt with fewer raw materials that combine to improve the battery range.

Reduce the noise and enjoy the sounds you like.
Listen to music not road noise on drives with the MICHELIN Pilot Sport EV thanks to a 2% reduction in perceived noise level. Acoustic Technology muffles noise resonance, so you can choose the sounds you want to hear when driving.

Tyre Sizes Available For