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Pushes the performance envelope

The Pilot Super Sport is Michelin’s Max Performance tyre initially introduced as Original Equipment on several of the world’s most sophisticated performance vehicles, including the exclusive, limited-edition Ferrari 599 GTO – Ferrari’s fastest road car ever. Developed for drivers who care about how tyre technology enhances their vehicle’s performance and safety, Pilot Super Sport pushes the performance envelope by delivering durability, handling and traction while increasing tread life.

PILOT SUPER SPORT Features & Benefits

Pilot Super Sport tires are comparatively light.
With weight savings of up to 10% compared to other tires of similar dimensions. This reduces unsprung weight to improve handling.

The Fastest Tyre On the Market.
On a closed circuit, the Bugatti Veyron fitted with MICHELIN Pilot Sport broke the world record for speed at greater than 400km/h.

Inspired By Our Experience in Motorsports.
Michelin Pilot Sport’s structure and tread pattern come directly from Michelin Motorsports Technology.

Tyre Sizes Available For