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Effective 1 March 2024, Tyrewise – the nationwide Tyre Stewardship scheme will come into effect in New Zealand. Click here to read more.

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Improve your yield, protect your soil

At Advantage, we know that agricultural tyres are a vital part of any farm or agricultural equipment. They provide excellent grip and traction in all conditions, whether it be up on dryland or down in the mud. Advantage have a range of Agricultural tyres from leading brands that are made from durable materials that can handle even the harshest conditions. Plus, we provide all the services you need to get them fitted correctly. So if you’re equipment is in need of some new Agricultural tyres, come and see us at Advantage today.

Why choose Advantage for your Agricultural tyres?

Our team of experts has extensive knowledge of agricultural tyre solutions and understands the unique requirements of farm equipment. We are dedicated to providing you with customized recommendations based on your specific needs and equipment. Whether you need tyres for tractors, harvesters, or other agricultural machinery, we will help you find the perfect fit to enhance your productivity and efficiency.

Michelin Agriculture Tyres

Michelin’s range of agricultural tyres are providing exemplary solutions in a wide range of farming and agro-industrial tyres. In the agricultural industry, diversity reigns supreme with varying landscapes, crops, machinery, and climates. Michelin recognizes this diversity and has engineered a comprehensive range of tyres to cater to every application and machine. Our tyres offer the ultimate solution, meeting the unique needs of farmers with unwavering precision and performance.

Durable and Reliable Tyres for Harsh Conditions

Here at Advantage offer a wide selection of agricultural tyres that are manufactured using durable materials, specifically designed to withstand the harshest conditions found in agricultural settings. New Zealand has a strong farming community, with an admirable work eithic supporting the New Zealand economy. Advantage is proudly NZ owned and operated and proud to support the agricultural sector.


From rugged terrains to challenging weather

Our tyres stocked at Advantage are built to deliver exceptional performance and longevity, ensuring that your equipment can operate at its best even in demanding environments.

The Advantage team of agricultural tyre specialists

If your equipment requires new agricultural tyres, we invite you to visit us at Advantage. Our dedicated team of specialists is ready to assist you in finding the ideal tyres for your specific needs. Unleash the power of durable and reliable agricultural tyres and maximize the performance of your farming and agricultural equipment. Come and see us at Advantage today to experience the difference in quality and service we offer.

Agriculture Field


Complete Tyre Services for the farm or orchard

At Advantage, we not only offer a comprehensive range of agricultural tyres but also provide all the services you need to ensure proper fitting and maintenance.

Get help from our experienced technicians

Our experienced technicians will assist you in selecting the right tyres and professionally fit them to your equipment, ensuring optimal performance and safety. We are committed to delivering a hassle-free experience, so you can focus on your agricultural operations with peace of mind.


Connect with our experts

Tap into our team’s knowledge and find the perfect tyre solution for your farming needs.

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Earthmover Tyres

Michelin, the global Earthmover tyre leader, pioneers innovation for improved products and services. Trusted by industry leaders for excellence

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Heavy Truck & Bus Tyres

Find the perfect Heavy Truck & Bus tyres at Advantage. Wide range in stock, expert fitting services to keep your fleet rolling smoothly

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Light Truck Tyres

Explore our extensive range of light truck tyres at Advantage. From commercial to personal use, we have the perfect fit for your needs

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