Oil Check

Oil is the life-blood of your vehicle. Quality oil reduces friction and heat, so your engine doesn’t burn up and seize. Our team will check your oil level and let you know if you need a top up or change.

Rather than booking an individual service, Get complete peace of mind:

Book your Free 8-Point Health Check now!


What’s included in our Oil Check:

  • Inspection of the engine oil: Assess the level on the dipstick
  • Assessment of the oil condition: Evaluate the colour and consistency
  • Evaluation of quality: Including the viscosity of the oil
  • Recommendations: Based on the findings of the oil check, tailored recommendations will be provided

Oil changes are a vital aspect of regular vehicle maintenance. Over time, engine oil accumulates contaminants and loses its effectiveness, leading to reduced lubrication and potential engine damage. By regularly changing the oil and replacing the oil filter, you can ensure proper engine lubrication, cooling, and debris removal. This helps optimise engine performance, extend its lifespan, and maintain fuel efficiency. Trust our skilled technicians to provide professional oil change services, keeping your engine running smoothly and protecting your investment. Don’t overlook the importance of regular oil changes in preserving the health and performance of your vehicle

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