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Effective 1 March 2024, Tyrewise – the nationwide Tyre Stewardship scheme will come into effect in New Zealand. Click here to read more.

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For the love of the drive.

Get the excitement you want with the practicality you need with the BFGoodrich Advantage Control tyre. Four-season traction delivers improved wet braking for year-round performance. Experience kilometre after kilometre of adventure with a tyre that lasts and meet new levels of comfort. Engineered for hydroplaning resistance, enjoy more miles, whatever the weather.

ADVANTAGE CONTROL Features & Benefits

Year-round traction.
For all-year safety, the BFGoodrich Advantage Control all-season tire stops 9 feet shorter than leading competitors’ tires. Designed for hydroplaning resistance, you can defy the weather and enjoy improved all-season traction every day.

Longer wear for more performance.
Explore further with the freedom that the BFGoodrich Advantage Control tyre gives. Designed for longevity with a unique tread design giving you kilometer after kilometer of undeniable performance.

Enhanced ride quality.
Drive in quiet comfort with the BFGoodrich Advantage Control tyre, offering a more enjoyable ride than its predecessor. Featuring a g-Wedge Sidewall Stabilizer designed for crisp handling and smooth driving, and a Computer Optimized Footprint to manage tread wear evolution for minimized noise disturbance.

BFGoodrich we are enthusiasts.
Our tyres are designed and built by enthusiasts, we work continually to improve tyre performance because we want the same thing from a tyre that you do.

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