Shell Helix Ultra Deluxe Service Package

Book in your Shell Helix Ultra Deluxe Service Package today! Our trained Service Technicians will keep your vehicle running at optimal performance levels.


What’s included in a Shell Helix Ultra Deluxe Service Package:

During a Shell Helix Ultra Deluxe Service, our Advantage technicians will change the oil filter, drain the dirty oil from your engine and replace it with clean, new Shell Helix Ultra Motor Oil to keep your engine running smoothly and perform a 20 Point Safety Check.

This package also includes:

  • A headlight restoration: Revive clarity and brightness for safer nighttime driving on both headlights.
  • A tyre rotation: for either a passenger car, or an 4WD/SUV, ute, or van type vehicle.
  • Replacement wiper blades. Regain clear visibility and ensure efficient windshield cleaning. Up to the value of $50.

We use Premium Shell Motor Oils for our oil changes. Shell has been the number one lubricant globally for the last 13 years.

20 Point Safety Check Includes:

  • Check all lights
  • Test battery and battery condition
  • Check brake and clutch fluid reservoir levels
  • Check coolant level and top up if required
  • Check and top up power steering fluid
  • Check and top up auto transmission fluid
  • Check and clean air filter as required
  • Check and clean pollen cabin filter as required
  • Check wiper blade condition
  • Check and top up windscreen washer fluid
  • Check tyre condition and adjust tyre pressures
  • Check and top up transmission/differential fluid level
  • Check fuel lines
  • Check shock absorber condition
  • Check exhaust system for condition
  • Check brake pads and linings
  • Check brake discs
  • Road test vehicle.

Shell Helix Ultra Deluxe Service Package: Available at specified Advantage stores only. Valid for one car, SUV or van only. Extra charges will apply for additional parts/oil on diesel vehicles. Oil service includes oil filter up to the price of $18 and up to 5 litres of Shell Helix Ultra 5W-40 or Shell HX8 5W-40 oil. Pricing is based on a standard four-cylinder petrol vehicle. Additional charges may apply for non-standard or additional parts and labour. For engines that require more than 5 litres of oil, extra oil will be charged. Any additional work to your vehicle will be quoted, and Advantage will seek authorisation before the work is carried out. Offer excludes extreme performance and exotic vehicles. Package includes; oil change, standard wheel alignment for a car/SUV4WD/ute type vehicle, tyre rotation, headlight restoration (front headlights), replacement wiper blades (to the value of $50) and an 20 Point Safety Check.

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