Wheel Alignment – 4WD/SUV

Regular wheel alignments will improve fuel economy and are essential for even tyre wear, which will give your tyres a longer life.


What’s included in our 4WD/SUV Wheel Alignment:

  • Thorough Wheel Inspection: Our skilled technicians examine your wheels for damage or wear, ensuring a proper alignment process.
  • Precision Alignment Measurements: Utilising advanced equipment, we accurately measure alignment angles to pinpoint any deviations from manufacturer specifications.
  • Expert Adjustments: Our technicians make precise adjustments to align your wheels perfectly, optimising handling and responsiveness.
  • Tyre Pressure Check: We verify and adjust tyre pressure to recommended levels, promoting optimal performance and fuel efficiency.
  • Final Inspection and Report: We conduct a final inspection, providing you with a detailed report outlining initial measurements, adjustments made, and final alignment specifications.

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