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Take care of your business and do your bit for the environment.

With the MICHELIN Agilis 3 tyre, you can take care of business and reduce your environmental impact. This energy saving tyre increases fuel efficiency and cuts CO2 emissions by 100kg each year, resulting in lower costs and less overall waste generation. Excellent wet braking from the first kilometer, and extended tread life ensures more kilometre of summer driving. Featuring a robust sidewall built to withstand damage. An environmentally conscious design for all your business needs.

Rolling resistance – Rolling Resistance “B” on the European labelling vs “C” for the MICHELIN Agilis +?.

CO2 – Based on internal study “Analyse Cycle de Vie” ACV, done on September 2019 by the Michelin Technologies Center comparing MICHELIN Agilis 3 vs MICHELIN Agilis+, on 235/65 R16 115/113R.? AGILIS 3 reduces 1.3kg CO2/ tyre for 1000km vs AGILIS + ?based on the case of a van equipped with 4 tyres AGILIS 3 and running 20,000km per year, the savings will be equivalent to 104kg CO2?. Considering a tree can

AGILIS 3 Features & Benefits

A more eco-friendly driving experience.
Do your bit for the environment with the MICHELIN Agilis 3 eco-designed tyre. Improved rolling resistance increases fuel efficiency and cuts your yearly carbon footprint by 100kg, equal to three tree’s worth of CO2. The weight of the tyre is optimised to reduce waste generation.

Safety from the first kilometer to the last.
Stay mobile in wet weather with long-lasting safety from the MICHELIN Agilis 3 tyre. MICHELIN EverGrip Technologies deliver excellent wet braking performance made to last. Enjoy safe, confident driving all summer long, even in rainy weather.

Enhanced longevity.
Reduce business downtime and the cost of tyre changes with the MICHELIN Agilis 3 tyre, built for longevity. This long-lasting tyre delivers up to 16% more mileage than the previous model. Stay on the road for longer with a tyre that lasts.

Robust sidewall.
Take on rural roads, city streets or construction sites with the MICHELIN Agilis 3 van tyre. Unique kerbing shields protect the sidewall against damage, while an abrasion resistant rubber compound inspired by truck tyre technology and patented truck tyre stone ejectors resist stone retention.

Tyre Sizes Available For
Michelin AGILIS 3