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Environmentally friendly tyre.

The Goodyear Eagle EfficientGrip is an environmentally friendly tyre that boasts a significant reduction in fuel consumption, without compromising high performance and superior ride comfort. This passenger tyre has a high grip asymmetric design that offers the driver complete control in different road conditions.

The Eagle EfficientGrip also offers improved grip in wet and dry weather, an intuitive steering response, and enhanced stability. Its reduced braking distances help to ensure better overall traction on slick roads.

Not only is the Eagle EfficientGrip fuel efficient, but it also provides an exceptionally smooth and quiet ride thanks to its advanced QuietTred Technology.


Lower fuel consumption.
We use FuelSaving Technology to create a new base compound that reduces the tire’s energy dissipation. Rolling resistance is reduced meaning improved fuel efficiency and lower driving costs for you.

A-rated wet grip.
Rated A for wet grip performance, the highest rating awarded under EU regulations.

Shorter braking distances for driving confidence.
ActiveBraking Technology increases contact between the tire and the road surface for shorter braking distance

Improved wet braking and lower rolling resistance.
WearControl Technology ensures an optimal balance between wet grip and low rolling resistance for the life of the tyre.

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