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Safety made to last.

Don’t let the rain keep you off the road, fit a tyre that offers the best longevity and wet performance. Now with more mileage and greater fuel efficiency than its predecessor, MICHELIN Primacy 4 delivers exceptional control and braking on wet roads. Giving every driver the confidence of safety made to last.

Long-lasting performance – New and Worn (worn means worn on machine (buffed) to  he depth of Tread Wear Indicator according to European regulation for Tread wear indicator ECE R30r03f), on 205/55 R16 91V MICHELIN PRIMACY 4, is above the R117 European regulation wet grip threshold.

Wet braking performance with new tyre – MICHELIN Primacy 4 is rated “A” or “B” on the Wet Grip Item of the European labelling scale.

Wet braking performance with worn tyre – Wet braking test, conducted by TÜV SÜV Product Service on Michelin’s request, between 80 and 20 kph, June-July 2017, on dimension 205/55 R16 91V on VW Golf 7 comparing MICHELIN PRIMACY 4 versus CONTINENTAL PREMIUM CONTACT 5 ; DUNLO

PRIMACY 4 Features & Benefits

Powerful control and braking performance on wet roads from the first to the last kilometre.
The MICHELIN Primacy 4 tyre is the safe choice for all of your drives. MICHELIN EverGrip Technologies deliver excellent braking on wet roads with a sculptured tread that evacuates 22% more water, letting you stay in control on wet roads. Long-lasting performance from the first kilometre to the last.

The best for longevity.
Choose MICHELIN Primacy 4, number one for longevity compared to competitors, thanks to Contact Patch even pressure and heat distribution. The abrasion-resistant compound delivers 20% more mileage than the previous generation tyre. Take to the open road and let MICHELIN’s ingenious treadwear indicator take the worry out of when to change your tyres.

Tyre Sizes Available For
Michelin PRIMACY 4