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Effective 1 March 2024, Tyrewise – the nationwide Tyre Stewardship scheme will come into effect in New Zealand. Click here to read more.

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Unleash the Power of 4X4 and Ute Tyres

Unleash the power and performance of your off-road vehicle. Trusted by enthusiasts and professionals for top-quality tyres. Offering a wide range of options to suit various 4X4, 4WD and Ute models.

Why Choose Advantage for your 4X4 and Ute Tyres?

Expertise in 4X4 and Ute tyre solutions with a team who has extensive knowledge of off-road driving requirements. Advantage is dedicated to providing superior performance and durability with customized recommendations based on individual needs. Advantage will ensure you have a safe and thrilling off-road experience.

Off-Road Dominance

The Advantage range of 4X4/Ute tyres have unmatched traction and control on challenging terrains, and enhanced grip for mud, rocks, and uneven surfaces. Reinforced construction for durability and puncture resistance on the trail.

Advantage’s knowledgeable staff can provide you with expert advice

Advantage offers top tyre brands specifically tailored to 4×4/Ute applications, our team is committed to customer satisfaction and delivering reliable solutions. We have a comprehensive range of tyre services, including fitting, balancing, and repairs, ensuring optimal performance and safety for your off-road adventures.

High performance

Maximize your vehicle’s capabilities today with high-performance tyres. Get enhanced handling, cornering, and braking performance with tyres optimized for increased speed, durability and manoeuvrability



Take your vehicle off-road on New Zealand’s beautiful terrain

We understand the importance of having dependable 4WD or 4×4 tyres that will power through the back country roads, whilst still providing a smooth ride.

Wide range of 4WD tyres

We offer a wide range of 4WD tyres to suit your vehicle and the kind of driving you love to do.
Our team will advise you based on how much on-road versus off-road driving you do and whether you’re concerned with ride quality, appearance, traction, durability or performance. Everyone is different and our team tailors our recommendations to your needs.

Classic Car 4

Classic Car Tyres

Explore our classic car tyres at Advantage. Perfect fits for vehicles from late 1920s to early 1980s, preserving the vintage charm


Electric Vehicle Tyres

We have a range of services and tyre options specifically designed for electric vehicles.

Passenger Car 1

Passenger Car Tyres

Versatile, safe, and comfortable. Advantage offers a broad range of passenger car tyres for any budget, personal or commercial use


Performance Tyres

We stock, service and fit a wide range of tyres that’ll help you get the most out of your performance vehicle.

Suv 1

SUV Tyres

Durable, comfortable, and unmatched traction. Our SUV tyres deliver performance, safety, and comfort in perfect balance

Van 4

Van Tyres

Find the perfect fit for your vans and trucks at Advantage. Wide tyre range and expert services ensure precise fitting

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