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Shell 2T Motor Oil

Keep your engine running smoothly with our Shell 2T motor oil products. You can buy online, call our friendly team or head to your nearest Advantage store and ask our team about our Shell 2T oil.

Shell 2T is a quality oil specifically blended for all standard two-stroke petrol engines. Based on a high viscosity index mineral oil, contains carefully selected additives to provide long and trouble-free performance.

General Purpose Two Stroke Oil

  • 2 stroke lawnmower engines
  • 2-stroke gasoline engines in automotive, domestic, industrial, and agricultural applications.

Motorcycles: High-performance two-stroke motorcycles are recommended to use the Shell Advance range of products designed for these applications.

Marine Outboard Engines: Shell Super Two Stroke oil is NOT suitable for water-cooled outboard engines. For water-cooled outboard two-stroke motors where NMMA-approved oils are required the preferred recommendation is Shell Nautilus Premium Outboard Oil meeting API TC-W3

Performance Features

  • Reliable and consistent performance.
  • Self-mixing with leaded and unleaded petrol.


  • Standard 2-stroke engines with oil injection or premix systems.
  • For use in many standard 2-stroke small engine applications including various types of lawnmowers, chainsaws, garden equipment, small generators, and small inboard engines.
  • Shell 2T should not be used in outboard engines. The appropriate Shell Nautilus Oil is recommended for this application.
  • Mineral-based NON-DILUTED.
  • Not suitable for oil injection systems (eg. in scooters or sports motorcycles).