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Effective 1 March 2024, Tyrewise – the nationwide Tyre Stewardship scheme will come into effect in New Zealand. Click here to read more.

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Advantage’s Impressive Range of Industrial Tyres

Whether it be a solid tyre or a pneumatic tyre, Advantage Tyres supplies a total range of industrial tyre products. While the right product is critical, carefully helping manage the correct fitments and product for the location will help ensure longevity and safety at all times for the user. Advantage Tyres can help to ensure you maximise the chosen products performance and life.

Why choose Advantage for your industrial tyres?

Advantage Tyres has extensive expertise and knowledge in the industrial tyre industry. Our team understands the unique requirements of industrial equipment and can provide tailored recommendations to meet your specific needs. Whether you require tyres for forklifts, loaders, earthmovers, or other industrial vehicles, we have the expertise to assist you.

Safety and Performance

Safety is a top priority when it comes to industrial operations. Advantage Tyres understands this, and we prioritize safety in our selection of industrial tyres. We offer tyres from reputable brands known for their exceptional safety and performance features. With our tyres, you can operate your industrial equipment with confidence, knowing that safety and performance are optimized.

Michelin’s know-how

In the industrial sector, the biggest companies call on Michelin’s know-how for fitting forklift trucks with high-quality tyres. The numerous positive testimonials from users also highlight a noticeable improvement in comfort. Besides the driver, the load and the machine are better protected as the radial tyres act as shock absorbers. These users also talk of a major reduction in braking distances which makes for a considerable improvement in their own safety and the safety of the goods they are transporting.

Tubeless technology

Michelin is also the first manufacturer to offer tubeless radial tyres (with no inner tube) for the Industrial segment. With their exclusive airtight Tubeless Bead Seal system, safety is maximised. The service life of the tyre is markedly better than the competition and in the unlikely event of the tyre being penetrated by a nail or similar object, there is no rapid loss of pressure.


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Our Premium Recommendation – Michelin Industrial Handling

To enable machines operating on industrial work sites to meet the requirements of safety, robustness and productivity, Michelin Earthmover has developed an extensive range of tailor-made tyres for all these uses.

Radial technology

Thanks to their radial technology, Michelin tyres last longer than their competitors. They are also more reliable, with better resistance to the numerous knocks and impacts which can occur on the rugged surfaces of industrial sites. Michelin technology also guarantees greater safety for machine operators, their machines and the goods carried and does less damage to the working surfaces.

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Heavy Truck & Bus Tyres

Find the perfect Heavy Truck & Bus tyres at Advantage. Wide range in stock, expert fitting services to keep your fleet rolling smoothly

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Earthmover Tyres

Michelin, the global Earthmover tyre leader, pioneers innovation for improved products and services. Trusted by industry leaders for excellence


Agriculture Tyres

Tough and resilient agricultural tyres for farming and horticulture. Advantage stocks a wide range, perfect for various vehicles and terrains

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